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At the law firm of Christopher E. Mohney, Esquire, in DuBois, Pennsylvania, our goal is to protect people from the short- and long-term consequences of criminal charges. The following are examples of the types of cases we handle:

  • Expungements: Past mistakes that happened years ago can haunt a person who is trying to obtain employment, admission to school, or in a host of other circumstances. Some criminal convictions are eligible to be expunged, or removed from a criminal history, upon proper application to a court of competent jurisdiction. Pennsylvania now also permits certain low-grade misdemeanor records to be placed under seal.
  • DUI: The consequences of a drunk driving arrest are very serious in Pennsylvania. You may face incarceration, loss of your driver's license for a period of time, substantial fines, and higher insurance rates. Your employment may even be at risk.
  • Drug crimes: If you are a college student, a drug conviction may cause you to lose eligibility for student loans. A drug conviction will cause you to lose your driver's license for a period of time, and have other potential collateral consequences depending on your specific life situation.
  • Weapons offenses: Many gun crimes carry mandatory jail terms in Pennsylvania.
  • Game violations: Hunting violations such as poaching and trespassing can have serious consequences in Pennsylvania.
  • Theft, robbery and burglary: Theft-related crimes are crimes of dishonesty. Since employers routinely conduct background checks of prospective employees, a theft conviction can make it difficult to find a job in the future.
  • Assault and aggravated assault charges: No one would want a conviction for assault on his or her permanent record. However, that is exactly what can happen if you are charged with an assault charge following a bar fight or other altercation.

When you hire me, your case will be handled from the beginning to end by me. I will work to protect your rights at every stage of your case.

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